Bring The Intensity

Advanced Athletic Performace Undersocks

SOAKS are undersocks with silver technology specifically designed to be worn under shin guards. The SOAKS containing Ionic+™ silver technology inhibits the growth of bacteria - a leading cause of odor - and stops irritation.

SOAKS Intense Undersock SOAKS Select Undersock

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Advanced Athletic Performace Socks

SOAKS contain Ionic+™ silver technology. Proven to Extremes™, Ionic+™ technology has been used by United States Special Forces, NASA, and Olympic athletes. The benefits of Ionic+™ technology have been validated at prestigious institutions throughout the world for more than a decade.

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High Tech Design

Designed for Comfort

Built with stay up technology, seamless toes, graduated compression, and moisture wicking fabric.To keep you focused on the game, not your shins.

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