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Technology & Function

SOAKS are unique, patent-pending undersocks with silver technology specifically designed to be worn under shin guards. SOAKS provide a physical barrier that protects the shin in addition to silver thread technology in the shin and foot bed. SOAKS undersocks contain several unique features that enhance athlete comfort, hygiene, and performance.

SOAKS contain Ionic+™ silver thread which provides permanent anti-odor capabilities by inhibiting the growth of bacteria and fungi on garments that cause odors. Ionic+™ which has been proven effective, demonstrating superior performance. The technology utilizes the power of silver to inhibit the growth of bacteria on soft and is proven to reduce 99.9% of bacteria on fabrics. SOAKS contain silver thread that is OEKO-TEX® certified.

They were designed specifically for the soccer athlete, putting all of the comfort and hygiene features in just the right places: silver in the shin and foot bed, stay up technology to keep it from falling down, seamless toes for added comfort, graduated compression to maximize performance, and moisture wicking fabric to keep skin dry.

The SOAKS team spent months finding the right partners and companies that could deliver the high-tech and quality solution without sacrificing comfort, or distracting from the game. Today, the silver thread is sourced from Noble Biomaterials, Inc. an internationally recognized supplier of advanced performance technologies.