Our Story

SOAKS Soccer Undersocks were created after years of watching my son play high-intensity competitive soccer. My son loved the game but his shin guards caused headaches on and off the field. During the game, the shin guards were a distraction—they were uncomfortable and often slipped, leaving him fidgeting instead of focusing. And, after the game, I was treating my son’s shins for rashes and discomfort.

My son dreamt of being a professional soccer player and he was never going to stop playing, even if his doctor advised he avoid wearing shin guards to allow the rash to heal. As a mother, it was hard to watch my son struggle to keep up with the growing competition. And, it was and even harder to get him to rest or treat the rash. Every mother wants to help their child achieve their dreams. After too many experiences of watching his shin guards slip and then spraying his legs with treatments, I decided to look for a solution.

We tried several different commercially available solutions. We tried the bands that go around the shin guards to hold them in place, but they weren’t always the right color. Then, we ordered socks for under the shin guards, but they were so uncomfortable, my son wouldn’t wear them. That’s when I knew I needed to engineer a better answer.

As I began developing the right solution, I talked to soccer players all over the country, and their parents. Nearly every person I approach had personally gotten a rash from wearing shin guards, or knew someone who had. Never before had people so eagerly pulled up their pant legs to show me their irritated shins. From NCAA players, to junior varsity, to the occasional adult-league athlete, they ALL wanted an answer and a performance edge.

It took months of networking to find the right partners, companies that could deliver the high-tech solution I was looking for without sacrificing comfort, or distracting from the game. Today, SOAKS Soccer Undersocks offers the features that our athletes told us they need, exactly where they need them. And, my son is still playing competitive soccer, without constantly adjusting his shin guards on the field, and without rashes and irriration on his shins. All thanks to SOAKS Soccer Undersocks and the power of silver technology.

-Katie, Co-founder and Soccer Mom