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After SOAKS owner Katie watched her son, Luke, play high-intensity, competitive soccer, she knew she had to find a solution for the discomfort caused by shin guards. He loves the game, but his shin guards caused headaches on and off the field. During the game, the shin guards were a distraction—they were uncomfortable and often slipped around during play. After the games, Katie was treating his shins for a rash that came from hours of exposure to the nastiness under the guards. She tried several different commercially available options, as the doctor’s advice of staying out of the game for a while didn’t fly with Luke. He and Katie couldn’t find an answer that was both comfortable and protected his skin. As an engineer, Katie knew she could find a better answer.


Katie found that by coupling the power of silver technology with the sock attributes that are important to soccer players, we could make a product that he loves, protects him, and even helps his performance and recovery. Silver is inherently antimicrobial and ANTI-ODOR (hallelujah!).

Our Features

Advanced Athletic Performance Undersocks

Safety Switch
Silver Technology
Silver thread in the foot bed and in the shin area
Compact Handle
Light compression for muscle recovery
Quality Stainless
360º Stay Up Technology
Technology that prevents the sock from slipping down during play
Non-slip Handle
Stay Cool
Moisture control that keeps the guard from moving


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